• Individual Sessions

  • £75
    • A flexible way to build your programme of change, where you quite literally pay as you go in advance for each session individually.
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  • Block of 4 Sessions

  • £275
    • As the title suggests this is where you pay for a block of 4 sessions up front and receive a discount. The sessions themselves are programmed to take place to suit you.
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  • Intensive Personal Breakthrough Progamme

    2 Days
  • £1950
    • This package is an exclusive opportunity providing an intensive, effective and powerful catalyst for personal change.
    • During this two day package we will quite literally ‘breakthrough’ whatever is currently holding you back, leaving you feeling back in control, fully motivated and with a clear view of the path to your future.
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  • Full Mind & Body Health Programme

    2 days
  • £2250
    • This groundbreaking two day fully integrative, transformational, lifestyle programme will have you experience the powerful and effective personal changes of a breakthrough programme. We will build upon this with the addition of a full Nutritional Consultation where we assess your current dietary intake and design an individualised eating plan. It also includes a personal fitness coaching session suited to your current fitness level in my private studio and the design an individualised exercise programme for you to use into the future.
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  • Monthly Bespoke Packages

    • Where we design a monthly package to your budget and needs, incorporating any or indeed all of the services we offer. You commit to regular monthly payments which enable you to build your change programme into your budget.
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  • Other services available

    • Nutritional Consultations & Diet programmes
    • Exercise Programmes & Private Fitness Coaching
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