As the title suggests this really is a full lifestyle programme that takes into account every aspect of your health. This includes NLP Coaching to create a positive state of mind, personal fitness coaching for your physical health and enhancing both through an effective nutritional/eating programme for you to follow.

As part of this groundbreaking two day fully integrative, transformational, lifestyle programme you will experience the powerful and effective personal changes of a breakthrough programme. We will build upon this with the addition of a full Nutritional Consultation where I assess your current dietary intake and design an individualised eating plan. This eating programme will take into account any health issues you have, and provide you with optimum levels of all the nutrients you need to be healthy, full of energy and mentally fully focussed.

I will also take you through a physical assessment, body composition analysis and take you through a personal fitness coaching session suited to your current fitness level in my private studio. I will then design an exercise programme for you to take away and carry forward into the future.

This really is the epitome of a full holistic lifestyle programme, covering all aspects of being healthy and as far as I am aware is not available anywhere else.


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