We specialise in enabling you to be the best you can be. By utilising a variety of effective techniques we work with you to produce fast results that overcome many issues.

Throughout a successful 30 year career in the gas industry where I undertook many roles, from apprentice tradesman to National Contracts Manager, I realised the importance my state of mind had in achieving both my greatest successes and indeed those times where it held me back.

In the early 2000’s I began to prepare myself for a change of career. Having always been interested in my own health and fitness since I was a teenager, I decided that my next career would be in the health field so that I could share my experience and my own health philosophies with others. It was at this time, whilst I was undertaking training for BANT Nutritionist status and personal training qualifications, that I first became aware of NLP. The principles of NLP resonated with me and my own career and sporting experiences, in particular the importance of mental resourcefulness, resilience and confidence.

These benefits absolutely helped me in becoming 7 times British Champion, 2 x British Record holder and World Champion in powerlifting. Utilising these coaching techniques has also helped me guide 2 clients to becoming World Champions also.

In 2009 I left the gas industry and set up and operated my own successful health & fitness centre for 5 years. It was during this time I decided to revisit NLP and train to become an NLP Practitioner. I undertook this training with one of the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler. This training opened up my eyes to the potential benefits of NLP to both myself and my clients. Following this I undertook further training and became a Master NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Coach, Master of Time Line Therapy™ and Master of Hypnotherapy, becoming a member of the American Board of NLP, the Time Line Therapy Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

In 2014 I moved from my Health & Fitness Centre to my purpose built studio in order to work solely on a one to one basis. I currently work with individuals who have doubts, low self esteem or confidence, low mood or depression, stress, phobias, anxiety or any issue where a change of thought or action is needed. Sessions with me will provide you with strategies and techniques for fast and long lasting results.

Mark Hesketh - BA(Hons), MABNLP, MTLT, MABH, MBANT

Mark Hesketh BA(Hons), MABNLP, MTLT, MABH, MBANT

  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Master NLP Coach
  • Master Create Your Future® Practitioner
  • Master of Hypnotherapy
  • BANT Nutritionist
  • Personal Fitness Coach  

The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origin there

– Moliere –